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A) Smart coins:

SC are the new way to buy your needs from 20beyti, In a digital world, we thought of creating a new way that will make your shopping experience fun and help you save more.

You can collect smart coins via three ways:

1.     When you make an order from 20beyti you will get 1 Smart Coin for every 1 Egyptian pound you spend on your order and the coins will be added to your balance once your order is delivered.

2.     Through spin and win wheel of luck. One of the 4 gifts that are available on the spin and win wheel is free smart coins which you could win in various quantities (from 100 SC up to 10000 SC). You will get a chance to earn more smart coins on every order from 20beyti. Learn more about the spin and win wheel as you continue to read this page.

3.     20beyti Customers Tier program. As part of our vision of making a tailor-made shopping experience that fit our consumer needs, every customer newly registered will automatically receive a welcome gift of 500 Smart Coins (500SC) and will be automatically be assigned to the Bronze Tier. Throughout your journey with 20beyti, you will be upgraded to higher Tiers (Silver, then Gold, then Diamond), and with every new tier comes a new and bigger welcome gift of free Smart Coins. Learn more about our Tiers program as you continue to read this page.

 Smart Coins will have an expiry date of 12 months starting the date you earned them! Make sure to use them before they expire, you can check your Smart Coins balance on the main page loyalty progress bar or by pressing above button "Loyalty Balance".

 In 20beyti we believe in making every shopping experience an enjoyable one, and our smart coins system is just one of many benefits we bring to your shopping experience. If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions about Smart Coins please contact us.


 B) Customer Tiers:

We at "20beyti", cherish and reward our customers. With "20beyti" customer Tiers system, all your activities will be rewarded with exciting and generous gifts every day! Higher Tiers have higher benefits. Please check below on each Tier benefit and how you can upgrade your account to higher Tiers:

1.     20beyti has 4 Tiers: Bronze - Silver - Gold - Diamonds
* Upon registering to 20beyti you will be assigned to the Bronze Tier
* When your cumulative purchases reaches 600 EGP you will be upgraded to The Silver Tier
* When your cumulative purchases reaches 1,500 EGP you will be upgraded to The Gold Tier
* When your cumulative purchases reaches 10,000EGP you will be upgraded to The Diamond Tier

2.     Every Tier will have exclusive offers and deals created specially for customer in that Tier. Higher Tiers have offers with bigger discounts and higher savings. Start Upgrading your account Now!

3.     Your earned Smart Coins will have higher value in higher Tiers. Products prices in SC will be reduced for customers belonging in higher tiers! See? Its all connected so you could benefit most!

4.     A user can be downgraded to a lower tier if no purchase is done in a period of 6 months

C) Spin And Win:

We all love to win, 20beyti will make you a winner with each and every order! On checkout, all users will get a special "Spin To Win" wheel when purchasing from “20beyti” platforms:

"Spin To Win" wheel has 4 special possible gifts that you can win. A win is guaranteed everytime you order from “20beyti”

1.     Discount: Enjoy up to 100% discount on your order (to be immediately applied to your order)

2.     Free products: Win a free product from our platform (to be delivered with your order)

3.     Free Smart Coin: Win up to 5000 free smart coins (to be added to your balance after order delivery)

4.     Quarterly Prizes: Enter a draw to win exclusive prizes every 3 months

We hope that you are as excited as we are about “20beyti” loyalty program. Enjoy Your New Shopping experience and be a winner with every purchase!

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